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1) Probable time of Marriage & general nature of married life in brief - 20/- 2) Analysing "after marriage" problems in brief (send birth date of both couple) - 25/-
3) Suggesting Remedial measure - 15/- 4) Prescription of Gemstone - 20/-
5) Analyzing Delay in progeny (send birth date of both couple) - 65/- 6) Answering any one Specific Point apart from the other items in the list - 20/-
7) Answering any one Specific Query regarding a health problem (Send full case history) - 20/- 8) Compact Horoscope (Gives a brief general analysis of some of your good and unfavourable points, your lucky colour, gemstone, remedial measures, compatible signs and your lucky number) - 70/-
9) Analysing your chart for finding out your spiritual potential and advice regarding further progress- 65/- 10) Analysing your chart for finding out possibility of acquiring real estate (land, house etc.,) (E.g. Whether & When will able to have my own house) - 25/-
11) Suggesting names as per numerology - 20/- 12) Vocational guidance in brief - advise regarding career indicating what is suitable job or business - 15/-
14) Consultation in Person - Personal consultations undertaken only for urgent matters. Call 080 - 3449229 or Telefax: 080 3096042 for appointment, only between 10 a.m. .to 1 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on working days (Mon. - Sat) only. Please do not call on Sundays & Holidays. The consultations will be at the sole discretion of B. Sachidananda Babu- (Maximum Time given is about 1 1/2 Hours) 15) Business advice for businessman ( Whether investments etc., can be made) - 25/-
16) Answering any one specific point pertaining to job matters, like promotion, suspension, reinstatement etc., (each query) - 20/- 17) General Dasa Reading in Brief (Current or next Dasa - any one) if part of Dasa is already over, only remaining Bhuktis will be analysed - 65/-
18) Rectification of birth time:

Upto 1 hour - 10/-

Upto 2 hours - 15/-

Upto 3 hours - 20/-

19) Vishesha Jatakam (for children below 10 years only) A compact study of children's horoscope throwing light in brief (with short notes) on education, marriage, settlement in life (job, etc.,) with remedial measures, prescription of gemstone, advice, etc., - 140/-
20) Life reading in brief (Dasa & Bhukti wise only - till end of life) with remedial measures & gemstone prescription can be undertaken for specific cases only, at my own discretion. Before placing your order please confirm at my end. Time required will be anywhere from 20 to 30 weeks from the date of firm order by me. Fee depends on preliminary study of your chart. For further details write to me. 21) Personal consultations are also undertaken at your city. (Out of Bangalore).

For further details write please write to me.